How to book accommodation


Fill out a simple form and wait for the owner's response (usually within 3 days)


Ask the owner for any information or photos needed to make a booking decision


Book your accommodation by sending a deposit to the owner of the facility


You will pay the rest on the spot and enjoy a relaxing stay

How to pay and how much is the deposit

If the term is free in most cases the apartment owner requires an advance / deposit of 10% to 50% of the total price of the accommodation to confirm the reservation - to make sure you come or as a fee in case of no-show. The deposit is not refundable unless otherwise agreed.

You can send the deposit to the owner's bank account (European SEPA payment - fee depends on the bank - usually 1 EUR) through your bank or through the service PaySend or by Post service to the owner's address in Croatia or by fast money transfer via the more expensive Western Union service (fee approx. € 15 for amounts up to € 100, fee approx. € 20 for amounts up to € 200)

What can help you

  • In case of language problems in communication with the owners, we offer you our translation services. Just email us at or use

  • Online translator at Google translator

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer information on private accommodation, so you can choose the right accommodation in Croatia for your vacation, but we do not rent this accommodation. We are not an agency, broker or agent because we do not take ANY commissions. You communicate directly with the landlord / owner of the facility in Croatia and do not pay any other unnecessary surcharges or commissions to third parties.

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